Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training

Post Enrolment Information

The procedure outlined here relates to enrolment on all of our courses.

After you’ve made payment you will automatically receive a receipt from us and a further receipt from PayPal.

If you’ve chosen to pay directly into our bank (Electronic Funds Transfer) we’ll keep an eye out for your payment and when it arrives send you a confirmation receipt.

If you pay by cheque we’ll wait for it to arrive and send you a confirmation email upon receipt.

Your tutor is then sent your details by our administration team. Within 21 days you receive your welcome pack and phase 1 of your course via e-mail. Typically speaking, you will receive your course within a couple of days, but we allow 21 days due to tutors absence from the office, delivering current workshops, conducting behaviour consultations et al.

Upon receipt, you should then contact your tutor via email to state that you have received your pack and understand what is required. This is mandatory.

Although we allow 21 days for course delivery, most courses are dispatched well within 14 days. If you do not receive any communications within this time frame, immediately advise us by using our Contact Form so that we can resolve the matter quickly.

All course materials are sent by e-mail in a PDF. This is the most sensible and environmentally conscious way of reducing paper use and course costs. Returned work should be in a word document that can be opened and marked by your tutor.

You can commence work as soon as the tutor is advised of your enrolment Рthis will not affect the final submission date, which will be 6 months from the course start date.