Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training

PETbc Qualifications

Pet Education, Training and Behaviour Council (PETbc)

Through the PETbc, our students can achieve a Professional Practice Diploma utilising the courses completed with us.

As a member of the PETbc, our courses fit into the framework required for PETbc Diplomas. Only UK course providers, who are members of the PETbc, are recognised to offer this programme.

Through the PETbc, you can progress to achieve the following Professional Practice Diplomas:

All of the below Diplomas contain a Professional Practice Profile (PPP) along with a number of completed courses (with the CIDBT or other member course providers). Their courses are not specified, but must be relevant to the title of the Diploma.
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Diplomas Currently offered:

PETbc 101
Advanced Canine Behaviour and Psychology Diploma
5 CIDBT Modules plus a work based learning
Professional Practice Profile (PPP)
Total modules to be complete 6

PETbc 102
Canine Behaviour and Psychology Diploma
4 CIDBT modules
Plus a work based learning PPP
Total modules to be complete 5

PETbc 103
Advanced Dog Training and Instructional Skills
3 CIDBT modules
Plus a work based learning PPP
Total modules to be complete 4

PETbc 104
Canine Training and Instruction Diploma
2 CIDBT modules
Plus work based learning PPP
Total modules to be complete 3

PETbc Information

PETbc Canine Behaviour – Professional Dog Training National Standards
The National Standards were compiled with the assistance of advice providers in the voluntary and professional sectors to the PETbc. The standards are a framework for the development of effective and efficient services and were compiled in recognition of the fact that people choose to access information and advice from various sources.

The Standards framework can be used by any education canine or feline behaviour provider that is a member of the Pet Education Training & Behaviour Council in the UK to improve the quality of its services for the pet owning public and professional bodies like the MOD, Police and related industries using dogs.

To become accredited under the PETbc National Standards a course provider must be able to demonstrate that it meets the quality level defined by the standards and provides an efficient and effective service as written on the PETbc web site. When the provider is confident that it can do that it is assessed and audited by the PETbc education advisers who are independent of the course providers.