Integrating Social Ecology in Explanations of Wolf-Dog Behavioural Differences

We propose that social ecology alongside human selection should be recognised as a potentially important factor affecting dogs’ behaviour, and suggest a number of potential avenues for future research, which can more directly test the relative importance of these selection forces. Read the article

Dog Behaviour In The Park

First up was a white van man with his 2 young Bernese Mountain Dogs. He released the two dogs from the van and out they jumped, clearly excited at the excursion ahead…and no wonder! Read the article

Why Do Dogs Bite Children?

We hear so often in the media about dreadful occurrences with dogs aggressively attacking children, the eye witness accounts and images can be very distressing to watch and hear. Read the article

Training the Bull Breeds

As with many breeds, there often appears a contradiction, they are sensitive, yet tenacious, responsive and affectionate, yet determined and self-reliant. In common with most breeds, it is the upbringing and onward relationship that dictates temperament. Read the article

How to train several dog's in one household

So, for those of you that own two or more dogs…here, on a plate are the answers that I have worked hard to find out, since my teenage years at the GSD training club banging my head against the proverbial wall! Read the article

How to teach a dog to come

 The recall command, or teaching a dog to come back to you when you call it is the bane of many dog owners lives. I often hear ‘oh, yes, he does come back when I call him unless he is distracted’. To be honest, we don’t often need to call dogs unless they are distracted! Read the article

How to choose a puppy

There is nothing as wonderful as a new puppy in your home; seeing the world unfolding before their eyes as they wonder at every new sight, sound or experience. It should be an almost magical experience for people, but sadly it is not always. Read the article