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CIDBT C19 Canine Covid Clinic

A workshop for canine professionals, dog owners and all interested parties.

We are aware that many people have obtained puppies during lock-down, without the ability to attend training classes or to socialise the puppy as one normally would, potentially leading to problems as we ease out of lock-down and life begins to return to a more familiar way of life.

There are also a great many lifestyle changes for dogs when owners have been at home all of the time with the dogs leading to anxiety, over bonding and an array of new and possible future behavioural problems.

The anxieties that people are feeling or have been feeling regarding the threat of Covid-19 to them and their family, their financial concerns, worries about the present and the uncertain future will all have been felt by our canine companions.

Dogs have found it equally difficult adjusting to social distancing rules, people wearing face coverings, a lack of engagement with other people and dogs.

For these reasons and an array of others and by popular request our two-day Covid Canine Clinic is for dog owners and their dogs and is tailored to you, your questions and training and behavioural requirements. Naturally, behaviour practitioners and dog trainers and for all others with an interest in the impacts of our changing times on our dogs and how we can make life as easy and as happy as possible for both ends of the lead, are more than welcome to attend.

This two day workshop, held at the prestigious Kennel Club Building will cover a great deal of practical training with your dog, time for discussions about behavioural issues and solutions along with our usual array of dynamic, fun, informative and fast paced activities.

This course is suitable for dog owners of all experience levels as well as interested canine professionals. Attendance with or without a dog is welcome. The cost is £295.00

This unique workshop will take place on two consecutive days (Saturday and Sunday) in October 2020 – there are limited places which will be available to book shortly – to register your interest, complete the form below:

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Tutor's for this course

Ross McCarthy
Vicky Lawes

A hands-on practical two-day workshop for dogs and their owners. A course tailored to you to resolve behavioural and training issues.

Have you (or your clients)…

  • Got a puppy during lock-down?
  • Been concerned about socialisation during the restrictions?
  • Been unable attended training classes?
  • Been at home with your puppy/dog for months and are now preparing to return to work?
  • Got a puppy/dog not coping with being left alone?
  • Experienced a dog now showing behaviour changes that could be related to the changes we have all been forced to make?
  • Got a puppy/dog barking more in the home and/or when out?
  • Experienced any other behavioural or training challenges?
  • A need to just brush up on some training skills and/or behavioural knowledge?