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CIDBT 5003W Dog on Person Aggression

This workshop can be attended as a ‘stand-alone’ course, thereby allowing you to enjoy and learn from the workshop without the academic (written / research) work prior to attendance. After completing the workshop you will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance. Our courses are designed so that the learners who attend the workshop are not disadvantaged by not completing prior Home Study.

This is a two-day workshop looking at dog aggression towards people from a Canine Behavior Practitioner’s perspective. We aim to make the weekend as full, informative and interactive as possible.

Largely film led, you will get to observe on film Canine Behaviour Consultations concerning a dogs aggression towards people along with relevant temperament testing and reformation techniques.

You will

  • Discover some of the different elements that can act as triggers for dog on person aggression.
  • Learn about types of aggression
  • Discover causes and compounding factors of dog aggression
  • Understand how the owner’s situation/location and family circumstances may contribute to the development of dog on person aggression.
  • Discuss the importance of training strategies in the home and moreover public areas/ parks.
  • Discuss the range of solutions that rehabilitate or manage such dog types and ramifications thereof.
  • Understand the law relating to working with aggressive dogs.
    Look at personal safety and management techniques.

We generally conclude the weekend by meeting a client along with their dog and have the opportunity to develop and conduct a behaviour consultation including information gathering, temperament testing and devising practical solutions. No dogs are required for this workshop. The venue for this workshop is Chartridge Lodge, Buckinghamshire. (See ‘Workshop Date’ below)

Video for this Course

Tutor for this Course

Ross McCarthy

This workshop costs £365. Payment can be made with PayPal (you do not need to be a member). You can pay direct to our bank, our banking details will be shown at the checkout, they will also be emailed to you if you choose this option. You can also pay by cheque, again details are shown at the checkout and emailed to you.

The next available date for this workshop will be Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th October 2020 at the Chartridge Lodge, Chartridge Lane, Buckinghamshire, HP5 2TU

Your tutor for this workshop is Ross McCarthy.

This workshop is completed in two days.

On passing this workshop you will be mailed a physical certificate of pass. Please ensure we have your correct postal address.

This workshop is approved by the PETbc

It is important that you read the FAQ for coursework explanation and the CIDBT Terms and Conditions.