Getting a Puppy by James Reavil

We sometimes have a very romantic notion of what owning a dog, especially a gundog breed will be like. Long walks in the countryside, laying by an open fire or popping to the pub with a dog that just settles down without making a fuss. Sadly, this couldn’t be further from the truth for the […]

A Dog’s Fur Contains Fewer Harmful Germs than a Man’s Beard by Stanley Coren

Dogs shed fewer microbes during medical scanning than do bearded men. When it comes to modern medical practice it has become routine to require an MRI scan when dealing with neurological disorders, especially those affecting the brain or spinal cord. This is not a problem if you are a human since such scanners are becoming […]

How to Choose a Puppy

There is nothing as wonderful as a new puppy in your home; seeing the world unfolding before their eyes as they wonder at every new sight, sound or experience. It should be an almost magical experience for people, but sadly it is not always. Buying puppies from inappropriate places namely pet stores, ‘backyard’ breeders and […]

How to teach a dog to come​

Come On Command Some dogs are easier to train than others. You need to know and remember that. You also need to know and remember – there is no intrinsic drive in the domestic dog to understand the English language or to understand your desires without huge effort and perfect timing and an investment on […]

How to Train Several Dogs in One Household

Training multiple dogs As a teenager, I went to my local German Shepherd Dog training club. I had two German Shepherds at this time and I wanted to train/work them together. The training instructors would never let me. I used to protest that I walked them together each day, I wanted them both to walk […]

Training the Bull Breeds

When asked to write about training specifically the bull-breeds, one cannot help but to think of the sad state of affairs resulting in the decline in the reputations of many of the breeds that sit within this group of dogs. Even in my relatively short lifetime, the shift in the views of these breeds is […]

Why Do Dogs Bite Children?

In the UK of late there have been some appalling incidents involving children being very badly attacked and even killed by dogs. These are tragedies that leave us all very sad and many dog owners very unnerved about either the safety of their own pet dog with the children in the family, or what new […]

Dog Behaviour In The Park

I love studying the behaviour of dogs almost as much as I love studying the behaviour of people…so the two species combined can keep me amused for hours! When out with some clients recently on an exceptionally warm and sunny day for the time of year, once they left the park, I did not want […]

Integrating Social Ecology in Explanations of Wolf-Dog Behavioural Differences

Highlights Wolf–dog differences have been explained as a result of human selection for desirable behaviours. But wolves and dogs also have different feeding ecologies and social organisations. Wolves rely on pack members for group hunting and pup-rearing. Dogs mostly forage alone on human refuse and show little allomaternal care. Social ecology helps explain observed wolf–dog […]

Not Good With Other Dogs – Ross Haynes

I sought the help of Vicky Lawes because our rescue Labrador, Simba, was not good with other dogs and in worst cases was aggressive towards them. Obviously this caused major issues with walks limiting the places we could visit and also at what times. Though I had been attending training regularly and had really tried […]