Crufts 2020

15% Discount
Whilst we are at Crufts and until the 31st March 2020 we are discounting all full courses by 15%. During the payment checkout process, add the code Crufts in the coupon code box.

Exclusions to the discount:
1. This offer only applies when paying the ‘one payment’ option (not the instalment payment option)

2. Excludes workshop only courses, as an example CIDBT 4108W (any course number ending with a W)

Crufts 2020
Each year the CIDBT Team are pleased to attend Crufts Dog Show. This really is the event in the UK Canine Calendar, being one of the largest dog shows in the world.

And 2020 is no different!

Our tutors and course advisers are available throughout the 4-day event on our stand 109 in Hall 4.

Whilst naturally, meetings and network events take place resulting in individual tutors not always being on the stand at all times, we will ensure that our stand is well staffed to meet with current and future students, and when necessary, appointments can be booked with us to discuss your career and course options.

We look forward to seeing any past, present or future students, come and say ‘Hello’

Below, some pictures from previous Crufts shows:

Stand 109
Hall 4
5th – 8th March 2019

Past and Present Students Offer

10% off dog behaviour courses for past and present students giving feedback.
10% off dog behaviour courses for past and present students.

If you’re one of our past or present pupils, would you like 10% of your next course? All we ask in return is for you to place some feedback on our shop pages (good or bad) about other courses you have completed with us.

When we receive notification of the feedback, we’ll send you a unique code that gives you 10% off your next course.

All you have to do is sign into your CIDBT account

Then go to the shop and look for the course you completed:

Once you’ve found the course look towards the bottom of the page for the ‘Review’ tab and add your feedback about the course. If it doesn’t allow you to post feedback, you may have picked the wrong course (some have two monthly payments, some have just one payment).

For technical reasons this offer is only applicable when you pay for your next course in a single payment. (not over two monthly payments)

Your voucher will remain valid for one year from the date of the feedback and can only be used once. You can apply for this again with any other courses you’re doing.

If you have any difficulty please email us or respond to this post.

Not Good With Other Dogs – Ross Haynes


I sought the help of Vicky Lawes because our rescue Labrador, Simba, was not good with other dogs and in worst cases was aggressive towards them. Obviously this caused major issues with walks limiting the places we could visit and also at what times. Though I had been attending training regularly and had really tried to tackle the issues I felt that I really wasn’t making any significant progress.

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to attend a Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training (Dog on Dog) Practical Workshop CIDBT 5002 or CIDBT 5002W and be one of the case studies for the students to gain practical experience with actual clients. In a practical sense this meant attending the venue in Buckinghamshire with Simba and answering questions from the students and then demonstrating Simba’s problematic behaviour using other dogs.

Anyone that has any experience of having a dog with issues will understand my apprehension at having to do this. I shouldn’t have been concerned. Both Vicky and her co-tutor Ross McCarthy who were running the course, were extremely good at putting me at my ease, from meeting us in the car park so that I wasn’t wandering around with the dog not knowing where I needed to be, to settling me in the meeting room and ensuring we had everything we needed. It was very well organised and ran extremely smoothly. In the practical element with the other dogs I was never asked to do anything I was uncomfortable to do, and what could have been an extremely stressful experience for both me and the dog, was handled efficiently and quickly so that Simba and I were not left waiting or put under undue pressure.

The second element of Vicky and Ross’ help involved them visiting our home and seeing Simba in that environment and sitting down and talking to my wife and I about our whole experience with Simba, the issues that we had and what our experiences were. It was very relaxed and informal and I immediately felt that we were in experienced hands. I had, up until that point, felt that I really didn’t quite know where to turn. It has always felt like it should be a secret that your dog could be aggressive, that it is somehow something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. It was actually a great relief to sit down and have a frank conversation with people who clearly understood and who had real answers. Vicky and Ross then walked Simba with their dogs to gauge his reaction. They are so relaxed that it inspires confidence; again what could have been an extremely stressful situation was handled quietly, efficiently with the minimum of fuss. We then sat down again and Vicky and Ross diagnosed the problem, that Simba has fear based aggression and then ways that practically tackle this.

To try to get him over his fear we have, instead of avoiding dogs as we had been, we actively sought dogs out for him to meet and interact with. He needed to have some good experiences with dogs so that he could get over his fear.

The results have been fantastic. As with most things in life; if you understand the problem then you are halfway to solving it. I realise now that so many of Simba’s issues boiled down to the fact that he was scared of other dogs. If you tackle those nerves then it is no exaggeration to say that everything else is starting to fall into place. Because he is no longer constantly looking around nervously for other dogs he is able to look at me and take on board the instructions, that for months I have been trying to get across to no avail. He is so much more relaxed in everything he does, both in the house and out, and that in turn means he is better behaved and a pleasure to have around.

Having watched the DVD provided by Vicky and Ross I also realise how so much of the work goes on in the house, rather than simply trying to control the dog on a walk.

Simba is a long way from the finished article and we continue to work hard at it, but, and it’s a huge but, I have in a matter of weeks seen a vastly different dog appearing from the one that I first made the phone call about.

That credit should be placed firmly at the door of Vicky and Ross and I am extremely grateful.

Ross Haynes

CIDBT Website Change

We just wanted to let you know that we have changed our website address, it used to be and now it’s

The reason we have done this is to add SSL (secure socket layer), so now you will see a closed padlock in the address bar, this will vary depending on the browser you use.

So if you have saved any of our pages to your favourites/bookmarks they may no longer work.

We hope this does not inconvenience you too much, but will give you piece of mind knowing our site is now more secure when you communicate with us.

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