A comprehensive range of dog training and behaviour courses

Dog Behaviour and Dog Training Courses

Here at the CIDBT, we aim to nurture, develop, grow and assist people to reach the highest echelons in their career. All of our team are truly passionate about people and dogs.

We offer a programme of work-based, hands-on and Home Study courses in dog behaviour and training from the basic to the most advanced. Importantly, all of our tutors work in front line canine behaviour and various dog training disciplines (as well as being academically qualified) which enables them to share the very best and most effective real world information to all of our students in order for them to develop into successful professional practice.

We have a number of academic pathways to follow tailored to your individual requirements, expertly guided by our tutors who know that dogs and people learn better in a fun, motivational and supported environment.

Principal of The Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training

Qualified Tutors

We have more tutors qualified in specific Dog Behaviour, Dog Training and Psychology including Masters Degree, BA (Hons) Degree and Diploma than any other canine course provider in the UK. All of our tutors also work full-time in front-line dog behaviour and training and have done for a minimum of ten years and so bring a wealth of practical as well as academic experience. Many of our tutors also compete in various competitive disciplines with their own dogs.

Our Starter courses are for anyone new to dog training
​(and do count towards a Higher Certificate)

Intermediate courses are for more experienced dog trainers
(and do count towards a Higher Certificate)

Our Advanced courses are for very experienced dog trainers
(and do count towards a Higher Certificate)

Our Workshop only courses mean no Home Study, just practical hands on training.

Our Higher Certificates are awarded free when you have completed several of our individual courses,

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